Focus: Interview Tips – STAR Questions

There’s a lot to do to prepare for an interview: choose an outfit, print your résumé, research the company you’re interviewing with, and (hopefully) find time to focus and to calm your nerves. At EHS, our recruiters have expertise, tips, and checklists to share to help candidates present their best selves during interviews. But there is...
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Have an Internal Recruiter? We’re Happy to Work with Them!

EHS gets recruiting. We’ve been doing it for more than 20 years. We enjoy helping people find solutions to their career and staffing needs. Recruiting is one of our team’s collective passions. Because of this, we completely understand when our clients decide to bring recruiters on to their teams. Recruiters are great resources to have around...
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What’s in a Good Job Offer? Here’s Our Recipe.

Recipe: The Perfect Offer Letter From the Kitchen of: EHS Hospitality-Minneapolis A good offer letter is more than a formality. It’s an essential part of an employer’s sales pitch, inclusive in its content and enticing enough to combat a counter offer before it’s made. Ingredients: 1          Welcoming tone 1          Start date 1          Starting salary 1          Summary of benefits 1          Performance review schedule 1          Overview...
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