Tip-on-a-Stick #5: Avoid a Rut: Create and Stick to a Career Plan

If you’ve ever felt stuck or rudderless in your professional life, you’re not alone.  It’s easy to jump from job to job, or to go through the motions of your work life, until you hit pause one day and realize you’re not where you want to be or not doing what you want to do. It’s...
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Tip-on-a-Stick #2: Interview the Interviewer: Be prepared with questions of your own.

Yesterday, we discussed the importance of researching a potential employer prior to your interview.  Today, we’re looking at another direct way to demonstrate your interest and drive during an interview:  interviewing the interviewer. Your research will likely reveal some company-specific questions you want to make sure to ask.  Here is a list of additional questions that...
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