“I have an interview. Now what?” – Interview Preparation: Part 1

Writing or fine-tuning your resume is no small task. And neither is putting it out into the big, wide world of potential employers. Completing that step in your job-search process is no reason to sit back and relax, however. Why? The interviews are coming! Well, if you’re lucky. If you get a bite on your resume, it’s...
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What does it mean to “do your research” before a job interview?

Do your research. It’s one of the most important pieces of advice I give candidates who are prepping for a job interview. But what does it mean? Recruiters have plenty of advice to lend on the job search process, and we also have established relationships with all of the restaurants that hire us to find talent...
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The Right Time

It’s not the right time. As a recruiter, I’ve heard this a million times. And I get it. Sometimes it feels a lot safer to stay put – even in a job that doesn’t thrill you – than it does to finally make a move to something new. But what is the “right” time when it...
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