“I have an interview. Now what?” – Interview Preparation: Part 1

“I have an interview. Now what?” – Interview Preparation: Part 1

Writing or fine-tuning your resume is no small task. And neither is putting it out into the big, wide world of potential employers. Completing that step in your job-search process is no reason to sit back and relax, however. Why?

The interviews are coming! Well, if you’re lucky.

If you get a bite on your resume, it’s time to snap to attention, to look your best, and to prepare to impress. This is true for positions you’d file under “dream job” as well as those that aren’t initially as exciting. All interviews demand respect and an openness to learn. Just as it’s impossible for hiring managers to know all there is to know about you from your resume, it’s equally difficult to glean every detail of a position or a company’s culture from a job description. That’s why we have interviews!

So, show your best and most professional self and each and every interview. You never know what an interview might uncover, and you don’t want to give the employer a reason to pass on you because you didn’t take the process seriously. Look and act the role you’re looking to fill, and you could get the part.

If you have questions on the interview process, or need help boosting your job search, feel free to contact EHS for help! And stay tuned for next week’s advice on interview preparation: Do Your Research.

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