Introducing EHS-Minneapolis’s Tips-on-a-Stick!

Introducing EHS-Minneapolis’s Tips-on-a-Stick!

Just like the Minnesota State Fair, EHS-Minneapolis's Tips-on-a-Stick are short and sweet, and you gotta have 'em.  Visit us daily now through September 1 for new words of wisdom on how to get hired now.

Let's kick things off with our first tip:

Tip-on-a-Stick #1:  Do some digging before your interview. 
Show up to your interview armed with as much in-depth information on the company as possible.  Take a look at the company’s website, connect with anyone in your network who works there, or if the company is a restaurant, visit it.  Get a feel for what the company does, how it operates, what sets it apart from its competitors, and – most importantly – why you want to work there.  Even if you’re not the most qualified person interviewing for the position, showing the hiring manager that you’re prepared and professional could land you the job.

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