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Looking to hire?  EHS-Minneapolis saves you time and money. How?  By establishing and maintaining meaningful, strategic, and professional relationships. In addition to those with our clients, we have connected with a broad base of talented restaurant and hotel professionals in the Twin Cities metro area and beyond. If there’s specific talent you’re looking for, there’s a good chance EHS will be in a position to help you make a direct, personal connection to that individual - quickly.

We operate with an eye for your immediate and long-term success.  Our objective is to make meaningful placements that contribute to your company’s stability and bottom line.  We work with restaurant and hotel clients to ensure an understanding of your staffing needs and company culture.  We also meet and interview all of our candidates – by the time we recommend someone for the position you’re looking to fill, we have already reviewed their skills and experience and have seen potential for a good match.

All searches are confidential and fully coordinated – from job posting, to candidate selection, to interview scheduling, to offer coordination, we’ve got you covered. If your search needs to stay under-the-radar, we have the know-how necessary to ensure our efforts on your behalf remain confidential. We represent nearly 50 restaurants and hotels that have a presence in the Twin Cities, Greater Minnesota, the Midwest, and national markets. Contact Us to get started.

There is a level of trust which has been built up with EHS over the years.  The recruiters do well tailoring candidate selection to our needs. The straightforward approach from EHS begins with seeking to understand what I am looking for. I know they are not going to waste my time. — Stephen Nordness, Controller - Doolittles Woodfire Grill and Porter Creek Hardwood Grill