Shane Pantila joined the EHS recruiting team in 2019, following five years’ experience as a bartender and another three as a customer-service aficionado.  A self-proclaimed Sauce-Mop Savant, Shane follows his stomach around the world in search of the best street food he can find. He is excited to parlay his passion for food and his love of the restaurant industry into a career that helps him learn the hospitality recruiting business while helping others find the best position or the best candidate for their needs.

When not at work or eating his way around the globe (street food, please!), he spends his time collecting prune juice money from unsuspecting opponents on the pickleball court.

Quick Tip from Shane:

“Always keep a recruiter in your back pocket – just like you would a realtor or a mechanic. That way, when you want or need a new job, new opportunities are just a phone call away.”