The Right Time

The Right Time

It’s not the right time. As a recruiter, I’ve heard this a million times. And I get it. Sometimes it feels a lot safer to stay put – even in a job that doesn’t thrill you – than it does to finally make a move to something new.

But what is the “right” time when it comes to a job search? For most people, it ends up being after they’ve already been let go or left a job without another one lined up. And unfortunately, by this time they’re already running behind schedule.

You’ve heard this before, and I’ll say it again: it’s always easier to find a new job when you are employed. Always. It’s to your advantage to make your transition from one job to the next as seamless as possible. It’s a lot easier to start a proactive job search and to leave your current job on the best terms possible than it is to have to explain why you were fired or why you took a few months off (yes – that “time to regroup” may sound like a great idea, but I’ve seen weeks turn into months of unemployment, and that may a deal-breaker to a prospective employer).

It may be tempting to use the ol’ “Take this job and shove it” line. It may be scary to stay put even when you see the writing (of a restaurant closing, getting fired, etc.) on the wall. It may be comfortable to rest in complacency in a job that will do for now. But instead of the right time, think about the right opportunity. Unless you’ve only been in your current position for less than a year, I encourage you to be open to a new position that makes sense for your career. Wait to decide whether it’s right for you until you have more information or – even better – an offer to consider.

This is where I feel I may offer the greatest value to the professionals I help. I work with nearly 50 successful restaurants, country clubs, resorts, and hotels that collectively have nearly twice as many rewarding positions to fill. If I know what your career goals are and I see an opportunity that aligns with those goals, I’ll give you a heads up right away. You can take my suggestions or leave them, but don’t get stuck in the “not the right time” mentality. Be open to what’s out there. You never know what’s around the corner.


Harry Balley, Partner and Recruiter

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