Turning Passion into Promise (and Your Dream Job!)

Turning Passion into Promise (and Your Dream Job!)

A few months ago, I worked with a client to fill a Kitchen Manager position in her small bakery.  Her decision to create this opening represented a huge tipping point in her company’s growth, and I knew that any candidate I recommended to her for the job needed to be strong, talented, and ready to take a new challenge in stride.

I brought up the need at one of our office’s Monday morning status meetings.  I asked for some candidate recommendations, curious as to what I’d find.  One of our recruiters passed along a resume, making sure to highlight the candidate’s drive and passion for his work.

“Give him a call.  Set up a meeting with him,” she said.  “What he may lack in experience, he more than makes up for in his enthusiasm and willingness to learn.”

I’ll admit I had my doubts – but she was right.

This candidate was on fire.  He was talented, excited about his career, and eager for the kind of growth I knew he’d find in the challenges this position held.  I have met with many, many job seekers in nearly 17 years in the business, and his energy stood out and left its mark on me.  I contacted my client, and she agreed to meet with him.

As you’ve probably guessed, the candidate got the job.  She agreed:  even though she couldn’t check off every qualification she had listed for the position, she was impressed by his drive and felt confident he’d grow into the job and provide her with the support she needed.

The lesson here is clear: job seekers don’t need to be limited by the confines of a resume.  Recruiters can help you reach higher, even when you’re not feeling confident about your experience.  We can help you harness your passion and drive, and express that to a potential employer in a way that an e-mail or a piece of paper cannot.

People usually don’t like being “the messenger” – but in this case, I was thrilled to be the middle man, helping a client fill a critical position and a candidate land the job of his dreams.   Are you ready to take a big step in your career?  I can help.

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Harry Balley
Partner and Recruiter

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