Job Search Resources

We wouldn’t be in the recruiting business if we didn’t have some insight to share on the job search process.

Our Resume Tips and Interviewing Tips links feature advice we like from other sources, and our Job Opportunities list highlights some of the exciting positions we’re looking to fill for our clients.

Anxious to get moving?  We've compiled some quick tips based on what we've seen, heard, and read from job seekers, employers, and other hospitality-industry experts. Read on:

Social Media Presence

  • Create a social presence recruiters and potential employers will like.  Use your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media outlets to showcase your skills and experience.  This Job Science blog post provides a great visual aid for creating or refining a social presence that will appeal to potential employers.


  • Check your spelling.  The number one mistake job seekers make is having typos in their resumes.
  • Make it clear.  Display your skills and experience in a way that’s easy-on-the-eyes.  Use a readable font, and only use formatting when it helps to highlight the best of what you have to offer.
  • Keep content updated and relevant.  List relevant experience from the past 10 years.  Highlight accomplishments at each job.  Use key words that demonstrate your industry knowledge and will pop out to a potential employer.
  • Make sure your e-mail address is professional – or, create a professional email account (Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail are all free!) specifically for job-related emails.
  • Tell the truth.  Titles, dates, compensation, and education are all very easy to verify.


  • Familiarize yourself.  Visit the restaurant prior to your interview.  If that’s not possible, visit the restaurant’s website to get a feel for the menu, structure, ambiance, etc.
  • Before you even get out of the car, turn off your cell phone.
  • Be prepared to talk about the good and the bad.  Don’t be afraid to tout your accomplishments, but be prepared to discuss a situation that was not as positive.  See if you can put a good spin on – or righted a wrong in – an otherwise difficult situation at work.
  • Keep your clothing professional.  Don’t overdo it with distracting clothing, jewelry, or fragrances.