Have an Internal Recruiter? We’re Happy to Work with Them!

Have an Internal Recruiter? We’re Happy to Work with Them!

EHS gets recruiting. We’ve been doing it for more than 20 years. We enjoy helping people find solutions to their career and staffing needs. Recruiting is one of our team’s collective passions.

Because of this, we completely understand when our clients decide to bring recruiters on to their teams. Recruiters are great resources to have around (in our humble opinions, anyway). Bringing an internal recruiter on staff is by no means a bad move. That said, to think of your internal recruiter as fulfilling the same role as one from an agency such as EHS is like comparing apple to oranges. One isn’t better than the other – they’re just different in scope.

So when someone tells us, “We don’t need your services because we have an internal recruiter,” we find ourselves in the unfortunate position of having to tell a customer (or potential customer) they could be wrong.

Why? Here’s a look:

Internal recruiters typically have a smaller web to cast to attract talent.
EHS recruiters utilize a database of more than 90,000 candidates with whom we’ve crossed paths over our nearly quarter-century in the industry. Some candidates are engaged in job searches with us, while others are not actively looking – instead, waiting for us to find them their next best move. When our clients come to us with staffing needs, we’re prepared to reach out to all our candidates with the click of a button (or two).

EHS recruiters use multiple channels to maintain and broaden our talent base.
We strive to stay on top of recruiting and marketing trends to ensure we’re using every channel available to us – our extensive database, LinkedIn, email blasts, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to name a few – to keep in touch with existing contacts and to grow the number of hospitality professionals in our network.

We dig deeper by making true cold calls to our clients’ competitors.
If we can’t find a good match for our client’s staffing needs through our network or social media channels, we’re not afraid to dig deeper by making cold calls to their competitors. This simply isn’t as common a practice among internal recruiters, yet it increases our chances of presenting you with the best candidates for your position.

We’re committed to maintaining our candidates’ confidentiality.
We work with a lot of candidates we work with are employed, busy, and reliant on EHS recruiters to keep them up-to-date on new opportunities. Our assurance that this activity will be kept confidential is an essential component of building and maintaining strong working relationships with our candidates.

EHS recruiters back up our candidates – and our recruiting process – with solid data points.
We build relationships with our clients and our candidates. We meet – usually in person – with every job seeker we send your way, and they’re backed by a solid work history, our professional assessment of their being a good fit for your needs, and information gleaned from solid references.

Next time you’re looking to strengthen your team, reach out to EHS. We’re happy to “compete” with your internal recruiter FOR FREE. Why not broaden the scope of your search by enlisting multiple recruiters for the job? After all, you don’t pay EHS unless we place someone on your team.

Ready to get started? Read more on our services, or contact us via email or phone at 612.821.1221. We look forward to learning more about how we may help you build a strong, stable team!

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