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Looking to take the next step in your career?  Work with an EHS-Minneapolis recruiter to make sure that step is in line with your goals.

EHS Recruiters know the industry.  We have extensive experience working in and recruiting for hospitality-industry jobs.

Because of our reputation, restaurants and hotels come to us first when they have staffing needs – this means we often know of job opportunities first and before they are listed anywhere else.

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While we are based in Minneapolis, MN, we work with job candidates and employers who are based throughout the Midwest and all over the country.

EHS-Minneapolis is part of EHS Hospitality Group, which has offices and opportunities in cities across the U.S.

Whether you're just starting out on your career path, or have built a solid foundation of experience; have expertise in the front- or the back-of-the-house; or are looking for a job in quick service, fine dining, hotels, or something in-between, we have opportunities and expertise to share.  Our recruiters are skilled in focusing on your immediate needs while keeping your long-term goals and success in mind.

Our services to job candidates are:

  • Exclusive:  We have access to jobs that aren’t advertised anywhere else.
  • Free:  Our restaurant and hotel clients hire – and pay us – to find talented professionals to fill position openings.  Our work with and for you – the candidate – is entirely free-of-charge.
  • Confidential:  We understand the sensitivities of looking for a new job when you’re unhappy with your current one, and we keep your involvement with EHS confidential.
  • Personal:  We don’t post a list of all our clients’ job openings here.  Why?  Because we want our first point of contact with you to be about – well – you.  Once we have a feel for your experience, we will connect you with opportunities that best suit your skills and goals.
  • Informed:  We’ve been in your shoes.  Our recruiters have all worked in the industry and have the insight needed to help you navigate your career path with as much confidence and success along the way as possible.

Our recruiters work with you to:

  • Connect with job opportunities that best align with your goals and that aren’t posted anywhere else.
  • Present your best self to potential employers through a polished resume, a strategic social media presence, and thoughtful interview preparation.
  • Coordinate an offer once we’ve found a match.

EHS recruiters have helped people just like you:

  • Bring full-service line-cooking experience to a Sous Chef position;
  • Finally make that jump from Assistant to General Manager;
  • Jump in to a career-building Hotel Manager position at a new and growing hotel;
  • Gain amazing insight through both Front- and Back-of-the-House positions in helping to launch a new restaurant;
  • Make strategic and rewarding career jumps to positions that aren’t posted anywhere else;
  • And more!

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You have to be really socially savvy to develop and maintain relationships on both sides in the recruiting business.  Harry approaches both job seekers and employers with a high level of professionalism.  He and EHS have built such a great network of people.  Every time I was on the hunt for a job, I knew I could go to him and he’d have a plethora of options based on where I was and what I wanted with my career.  Now, I have people come to me from my past lives in past jobs looking for work, and I always send them to Harry.  I know he’s got the network to help them. - Travis Oltmann, General Manager, Salut Bar Americain